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Wednesday, 14 February 2018
Winters in the UK are tough going and taking some time off to travel makes a massive difference to my health and my heart to head off and explore. After an incredible autumn surfing, painting and photographing in the south of France i decided to join a friend of mine for a month in Indonesia. Although our plan was originally to head to Sumatra and Sumbawa we decided to stay in Bali instead of moving about constantly so to get a richer experience for the location, culture and wildlife.

Bali is an intense little island, it has become very westernised which has its positives and negatives, the tourism has really taken over and i have to say it was exhausting trying to find any 'true Bali'. I'm not used to this level of tourism and the trip was very different to my usual feelings of immersing myself in nature.  But when i did find the pockets of beauty they really stop you in your tracks, the sea life the coastlines and the fruits are incredible.

Home, Nusa Lembongan.

Banana Leaf, local market Canggu.

Monkey Forest, Ubud.

Fresh Rambutan, local market Jimbaran.

Fresh Rambutan, local market Jimbaran.

Eco mud guards, Nusa Dua.